How CADS Works with You

CADS destroys the ammunition at your site or at ours. Fill in the request for us to schedule a visit to your city and we come to you. We offer a safe and secure way to destroy the ammunition without the cost or risk of transporting it to another facility.

Once at your site CADS will weigh and remove for disposal all of your small arms ammunition (up to 50 cal.). The ammunition can be all mixed together or new in the box, CADS will also count and remove for disposal any pepper spray / tear gas canisters. CADS can also hydraulically shear your seized/confiscated weapons on site.

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At the end of CADS visiting your facility a Material Transfer Agreement is presented to you. This agreement is the start of your audit trail and documents the amount of ammunition in lbs., the number of weapons destroyed and the number of pepper spray / tear gas canisters removed. Upon final destruction of all the materials, an Invoice and the Certificate of Destruction is sent to you for your records.

Our Environmental Mobile Ammunition Combustion System represents the evolution of ammunition disposal technology.  eMACS produces clean separation and retrieval of recyclable lead and brass and also eliminates storage problems while addressing any health and safety concerns.  For safe, efficient and environmentally friendly disposal of live ammunition, nothing compares.

The eMACS is a compact, affordable and portable burner capable of disposing 60 lbs of ammunition per hour.  Current best practice for disposal of pyrotechnics and commercial explosives is accomplished by incineration.  This method consists of burning small quantities of single-type explosives over a bed of combustible material, such as wood chips, in a screen covered pit.

The enclosed design of eMACS not only introduces enhanced safety features during the incineration process, but also ensures that any particulate released during the burning inside the chamber is consumed before venting to the outside atmosphere, thereby addressing environmental concerns.

Natural Resources Canada agrees - the eMACS is "a safe and environmentally acceptable way of destroying ammunition." 

Canadian Ammunition Disposal Services Inc

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