About EMACS:

Environmental Mobile Ammunition Combustion System

The eMACS was designed as an affordable, compact, and portable burner capable of disposing of 60 lbs of ammunition per hour. Current best practice for disposal of pyrotechnics and commercial explosives is accomplished by burning same in a hole in the ground.

The enclosed design of eMACS not only introduces enhanced safety features during the incineration process, but also ensures that any particulate released during the burning inside the chamber is eliminated before venting to the outside atmosphere, thereby addressing any environmental concerns.

TWB Designs Inc (a sister company of CADS) originally  developed eMACS in January of 2001 under contract through a Senior RCMP officer, Gord Scott, who was stationed in Ottawa at the (Canada Bomb Data Centre) CBDC.  We were granted a budget and timeline to develop a safe and effective ammunition disposal chamber. Later that same year we had the first disposal chamber ready for “live” testing”.  The testing was a complete success. TWB Designs Inc. came in under budget and ahead of schedule. 

Over the years TWB Designs Inc. has made small modifications and improvements to the burner and tray systems, but basically it is the same concept as the original.  The RCMP currently hold/defend the patents to the unique tray system and the separation of the metals process.

Currently there are number of our units in use across Canada, six within the RCMP, one with The Surete Quebec, one with the Calgary Police Service, and one with the Winnipeg Police Service. We also have units with the Federal Cartridge Company in the USA, the Dubai Police Force United Arab Emirates and the military in Australia. TWB Designs Inc. has been recently contacted by the United Nations regarding our disposal process.

In the spring of 2010 TWB Designs hired (Ortech), an independent Environmental Testing Company to evaluate the eMACS Burner. Our target was to prove that we could meet/exceed the strictest of all Environmental Emission Standards world-wide. Once TWB Design Inc. had the California EPA, NATO, Canada and the EU requirements, we proceeded with the testing and used US EPA Methodology as our guidelines.

Ortech is located at 804 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON Canada 905-822-4120 – Tina Sanderson, B.Sc. Senior Specialist, Emission Testing, was in charge of all “on-site” testing. The testing included 4 live ammo burns per day, over 3 days, 12 tests in total with a mixture of small arms ammunition, 30% being shotgun shells. All our test data showed that we were lower than any of the current emission standard requirements in Canada and the USA. Ortech Environmental prepared a report regarding the test results which is currently being reviewed by the California DTSC (Department of Toxic Substance Control).

eMACS data

  • Exceeds California EPA, NATO and EU standards
  • 97% of all material in recycled
  • Tested – Small Arms Ammunition up to, including 50 calibre
  • Propane or diesel fuel source
  • Secondary Combustion Chamber eliminates particulate matter
  • Filtration system eliminates up to .3 of a micron
  • Over pressure relief doors
  • Trailer has electric brakes
  • Generator included
  • Completely enclosed with a weatherproof cover
  • Ont. Hydro inspected and CSA approved
  • Endorsed by Natural Resources Canada ( Natural Resources Canada agrees - the eMACS is "a safe and environmentally acceptable way of destroying ammunition)
  • TWB Designs Inc. is 100% Canadian owned

Canadian Ammunition Disposal Services Inc
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